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Monthly socials

Our monthly socials are one of our core activities; it is a chance to chat with fellow SATS members and to meet new members and guests. We meet on the last Friday of each month (except December) at various central London bars and private members clubs.

The venues tend to be varied and we try and cater for all of our members. They are relaxed and friendly affairs with all visitors and potential new members warmly welcomed. Since 2008, we have also arranged similar socials in Manchester, which have proved very popular, particularly with those living north of Watford! We meet in a smart central Manchester hotel bar, on a Friday evening twice a year, usually in spring and autumn.

Dining & theatre

Meeting for a meal in a restaurant is an ideal way to socialise, and by popular demand we now arrange dinners regularly throughout the year, mainly in London, but sometimes at other locations. Dress is suit and tie, but the atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly. We also have a number of special dining events, such as the Christmas Dinner (always very well-attended) and usually once a year a ‘black tie’ dinner.

Our theatre visits are often preceded by a pre-theatre supper, and have proved very enjoyable. Members are always welcome to bring guests to theatre trips, as to any of our events.


From time to time, suit-and-tie parties are held at members’ homes, and these have provided some our best attended events. Members are usually asked to ‘bring a bottle’, and food is provided by the host.

Away weekends

Many of our members love a weekend away at a suitable location, in the UK or in the rest of Europe, with likeminded colleagues and friends. We always try to arrange an enjoyable mixture of activities, sightseeing, bar-hopping and informal meals; free time is included as well, but the Saturday evening is always kept for our formal dinner in a suitable restaurant. This is the only time on the trip that suit and tie is required - for the rest of the weekend, participants wear what they like!

So far, we have arranged UK weekend trips to Bournemouth, The Cotswolds, Devon, North Wales, The Peak District, The Yorkshire Coast, Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands.


The Suit & Tie Society has a wide membership from many different countries as well the UK. We have had very close ties for many years with the German Suit & Tie Society, which flatteringly was set up in imitation of us and still keeps the same English title!

We made very successful 'long weekend' social visits to meet our German Suit & Tie Society colleagues, to Stuttgart in 2004, Cologne (Köln) in 2008, Vienna, Austria, in 2009, and in June 2011 we had a very enjoyable ‘Suit & Tie Society International’ session in Basel and Zurich, Switzerland, all of these organised jointly with our brother Society.

Other overseas trips have been made to Brussels and Paris and all have proved very popular with our members. On these jaunts, we all don suits and ties for the formal dress Saturday dinner at a selected restaurant, but participants are free to relax in casual attire at all other times, e.g. when sightseeing or gracing the recommended local bars!

Please see upcoming events for further details of all of our activities.