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We believe that every man looks better in a suit and tie. The Suit & Tie Society caters for gay men who like dressing smartly and who are attracted by others who feel the same. We are not alone in this belief - there are now several internet websites catering specifically for gay men in suits and ties. Yet the Suit & Tie Society, founded nearly 20 years ago, has remained the only organised group in the world to cater for this compelling interest, together with our brother German Suit & Tie Society.

At our many events, the only stipulation is a smart formal appearance, we are never prescriptive about the types of suit to be worn. The Suit & Tie Society was founded by two guys who favoured traditional styles (see Fogies below) but the majority of members wear modern type suits without being slaves to fashion.


Only a small minority of Suit & Tie Society members would claim to be ‘fogies’, but those with an interest in traditional styles of dress founded the Suit & Tie Society in 1991, and they and others like-minded have played a full part in the Society ever since.

There is no exact definition of the kind of clothes a fogey, or traditionalist, would wear, but stiff separate collars worn with three-piece pinstripe suits (and watch-chain) or tweed suits with matching or contrasting waistcoats, indicate two (not mutually exclusive) tendencies among them. Accessories like hats, armbands, button-on-braces, chain cuff-links, sock suspenders and button-front long underwear (which hooks on to braces) are among the items dear to those of traditional bent – but are not exclusive to them!


What has underwear to do with suits and ties, and why have text here devoted to this subject? It is true that many men - even gay men! - have no interest in underwear but a high proportion of us are turned on by the prospect of what lies beneath the formality of a suit and tie, this covers both traditional and modern underwear.


Suit & Tie Society members are often interested in other aspects of clothes, or simply enjoy the feeling of wearing particular items. Examples are: armbands, braces, cravats, cuff-links, garters (sock suspenders), handkerchiefs, hats, separate stiff collars, shoes, socks, ties, tie-pins and (contrasting) waistcoats.

In other words, virtually any item of formal clothing it is possible for a man to wear! Some of these items are of special interest mainly to the traditionalists or fogies, but as we pointed out at the start, you don’t need to have any specific clothing interests to don a suit and tie and enjoy socialising with others similarly dressed.